The Saxophone Music of Alain Crepin

3 and a half hours of well composed music for saxophone

Please find hereby a beautiful production which illustrates in a musical way the long love story between Alain Crepin and the saxophone, his beloved instrument, which was invented by his fellow citizen Adolphe Sax from Dinant.

In 3 volumes we can listen to all the artistic dimensions of the saxophone-player, the teacher, the composer, the soloist and the bandmaster. His music for saxophone, played all over the world, is presented in a brilliant way by talented musicians such as Simon Diricq, Eugene Rousseau, David Reiland, Michel Supéra, and many others, accompanied by piano or orchestra. All the original compositions for saxophone and most of Alain Crepin’s arrangements can be heard here and form undeniably a reference in the literature for saxophone. A must have for every saxophone player.

With artwork and booklet of original design and well documented, PMP presents an excellent product.

Also a great thank you to all the artists who participated in this project which summarizes a whole life at the service of the saxophone.

The Saxophone Music of Alain Crepin
Various Artists
Label: Airophonic
Company: PMP bvba
Cat. N°: 541149980152
EAN Barcode: 5411499801521


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